Serving students through technology: The mission mindset of Foundant Technologies

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Foundant Technologies is a technology vendor that supports application and data management for scholarship providers. Many scholarship providers work with vendors to administer the technology behind their application, which includes Scholar Snapp integration. Foundant has worked with more than 2,000 philanthropic organizations over 12 years, with a depth of experience in the scholarship management space.

We recently spoke with Sammie Holzwarth, Product Manager for Grants and Scholarships, about how Foundant Technologies provides fundamental technology support to scholarship providers – making it quicker and easier for students to access the resources they need for success in college.

How does Foundant Technologies work with scholarship providers?

At Foundant Technologies, our mission is to help maximize the impact of the philanthropic community. While this journey began with offering solutions for grant management, we have since expanded to include solutions for scholarship providers and community foundations. Managing scholarships can be challenging work, and our Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM) solution was developed to ease the process for both applicants and scholarship providers, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the process even more.

One key feature is our Scholar Snapp integration, which makes it possible for applicants to copy answers from one online application to another with a single click, cutting back on loads of repetitive work and decreasing the chance of erroneous entries. Additionally, our latest release for SLM is a game changer. The Universal Application feature allows scholarship providers to set up a single set of “common” questions that applicants need only answer once. Those answers will then filter the scholarships they are eligible for so they can move on to the next step of fine-tuning scholarship-specific questions.

We constantly review our clients’ scholarship processes to find new opportunities for increased efficiency, giving them time back in their days. Our team is passionate about this work because we believe that every minute we save for our clients will be invested back into what matters most – serving students!

You offer scholarship providers the opportunity to become Scholar Snapp-enabled. Why did you decide to offer this, and why would you encourage scholarship providers to consider doing so?

Foundant was first introduced to Scholar Snapp through one of our clients, who wanted to ease the scholarship application process for their applicants. Our development is often based on client feedback, so this was a natural introduction. The more we learned about the Scholar Snapp approach, helping students save time and access more scholarship opportunities, the more we realized its alignment with our larger mission at Foundant – maximizing the impact of the philanthropic community.

A college degree can open the door to a better life, for families, communities, and even future generations. By supporting this sector and these scholarship superheroes, our Foundant team feels like we have some small part in their successes and their impact on the world.

Sammie Holzwarth is the Product Manager for Grants and Scholarships at Foundant. Since joining in 2011, she has gained a breadth of knowledge and experience across the company working with a range of clients and in varying roles at Foundant, which fuels her passion and excitement to continually improve the grant and scholarship management experience. Sammie has a passion for youth philanthropy and has spearheaded the Youth Giving Project in Bozeman, MT as well as serving as an Exponent Philanthropy Next Gen Fellow for 2016.