Unlocking college opportunity – in two clicks

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Two clicks. That’s all it takes to submit a scholarship application, for more than 480,000 students who have created a free profile through ScholarSnapp.org.

Supporting students along the path to and through college is core to our mission at the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, and we know that two of the biggest challenges students face when applying to college are a lack of time and money. To help students access more of both, we created Scholar Snapp, a solution that allows students to reuse their personal information between scholarship applications. Rather than reentering the same information over and over again, they can complete applications in a fraction of the time.

Technology helps us to be more efficient throughout our daily lives, from Bluetooth syncing in our cars to unlocking our smartphones with a fingerprint. Bringing this level of ease and efficiency to the application process can be transformative for low-income students and can change the trajectory of their lives.

That’s the “why” behind Scholar Snapp. In this age of technology, it’s critical we find ways to give students every opportunity to attend college. And we couldn’t do this work alone. There are countless other organizations in the arena with us, solving problems and creating opportunities for students to get a college degree.

Many of these organizations we proudly call our partners. They have integrated with Scholar Snapp technology to help more students access the financial support they need to succeed in college. As important as this is, the work they do day in and day out is also critical to ensuring all students have the opportunity to get to and through college. So we will be taking a moment – and a blog series – to recognize them and how they are changing lives.  The blog series will highlight some of their impactful work supporting low-income students along this college journey.

Getting through college takes more than dollars and cents. As students adjust to the higher education landscape and balance outside demands for their time and attention, our partners in college completion are there to provide guidance and support – from academic resources and skills training to mentorship, professional networking, and beyond. We’re excited to celebrate these dedicated people with you!

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