How WizeHive technology is changing the application experience

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WizeHive is a technology vendor that supports application and data management for scholarship providers. Many scholarships work with vendors to administer the technology behind their application, which includes Scholar Snapp integration. We recently spoke with Natalie Hirsch, Director of Project Management, about how WizeHive provides fundamental technology support to scholarship providers – making it quicker and easier for students to access the resources they need for success in college.

As a technology vendor, how does your work ultimately support college students?

Put simply, scholarships create opportunities. There are students who may not otherwise enroll in college who are able to reach graduation day with scholarship support. Others are able to pursue internships or research opportunities, or take on leadership roles, in the time they would have spent working to cover tuition. Scholarship awards can be transformative for an individual student, with an impact that ripples out to their families and even broader communities.

On our end, WizeHive powers the application process for scholarship providers. Students may never see our company’s name, but they interact with our technology whenever they fill out an application through one of our scholarship partners. Our goal is to make that interaction as approachable, streamlined, and simple as possible!

How does WizeHive work with scholarship providers?

Meaningful and impactful scholarship programs can do so much for deserving students and the communities around them – but first there is the hurdle of selecting those scholars. Some applications can be difficult for students to complete because they are outdated, overcomplicated, or inaccessible. What’s more, managing the review and awarding process can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

Zengine by WizeHive streamlines this process in an effort to help providers better fulfill their mission of supporting students. Our submission portals allow applicants to log in and complete applications at their own pace, while providers can use tools like eligibility quizzes, video essays, deadline countdowns, and Scholar Snapp integration to make the application experience more personal and efficient. Reviewer portals allow reviewers to be automatically assigned to incoming applications based on any criteria, give reviewers a personalized view of their assigned submissions, and feature easy-to-use side-by-side views of the application and scoring rubric. And our robust administrator hub gives providers easy access to applicant information, dashboards that track key metrics and goals, and helpful communication tools to keep everyone on track.

Not only is this a less stressful and tedious approach for all involved, but providers are freed up to focus more on working directly with scholars and furthering their impact.

How did WizeHive get started working with scholarship providers? How did you identify the need in this space and recognize that you could address it?

Ten years ago, our founder was working with a program providing funding to young entrepreneurs – and that’s where he saw firsthand how complicated it can be to manage incoming applications, the review process, and awarding funds. He quickly realized that if his small organization was becoming frustrated with the process, those with even more applicants were certainly in need of a better solution. Outreach to contacts at nonprofits confirmed his hunch, and WizeHive was born.

In WizeHive’s earliest days, the goal was to connect with scholarship providers and introduce how an online application system and new technologies could dramatically change the way they collected applications and shared them for review and decision-making. Today, we still work with some providers coming off of PDFs and spreadsheets, but focus more and more on data management, reporting, security, and impact assessments so that these organizations can continually grow and improve their programs and the impact they make in their communities.

You offer scholarship providers the opportunity to become Scholar Snapp-enabled. Why did you decide to offer this, and why would you encourage scholarship providers to consider doing so?

Many of our new features and tools come from our team directly, based on what we think might be beneficial or helpful to a program administrator. But some of our new releases are based on requests from our amazing clients, who live and breathe scholarships day in and day out. We have to give this integration credit to the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, which wanted to be able to offer the convenience of Scholar Snapp to their applicants. Coca-Cola requested the integration for their new submission portal, and as we learned more about its benefits for both providers and applicants, we knew it would be a great addition.

In our work with scholarship providers, making applications more accessible and approachable to students is a top priority. Scholar Snapp helps us deliver on that mission, making it quick and easy for students to complete applications. By improving the applicant experience, we can increase the number of worthy students that our scholarship providers have the potential to help. We’re excited to be able to offer this tool and improve the experience for many other programs.

What does it mean to you to know that your work is helping make college a reality for students?

We love what we do as a company, and that’s because we are so inspired by what our clients do every day. Powering programs that celebrate, lift up, empower, and enable students from all walks of life to do something great is an honor. We are humbled to be a part of programs that are changing the face of the next generation and facilitating positive change in the world around us.

Natalie Hirsch is the Director of Project Management at WizeHive. She has spent more than six years working to improve the way that nonprofit organizations manage their giving and award programs. Before joining WizeHive, Natalie earned a BS in computer science from Cornell University and a JD from Temple University School of Law.